Cakery Chic

Hello and Welcome to all who have come to visit this site! I am cakery chic and I create cake art to fit your needs! Feel free to look around and enjoy the art of this site.


Why choose The Cake Smartist Cakery? We carry some of the most extraordinary cake designs many people have never seen be fulfilled by cakes. Many people can not believe our 3d cakes are cake. While the excitement of 3d styles combined with awesome flavors and popular designs are said to be to beautiful to cut, We still hope to reach an audience of a slightly extra eye anywhere we can find it. We want our customers to return and know that they are getting absolute quality all the way around our cakes, not just on the outside. We have a vegan, sugar-free and gluten-free menu because we care about the health of our customer they are people, they have special days and everyone needs to enjoy a great cake. Why TCSC? Because we care about customers who look for quality!

3D Cakes

Birthday Cakes

Sweet 16 Cakes

Wedding Cakes & etc.

Vegan Menu-Coming Soon!!
Sugar-free menu- Coming Soon!!
Gluten-free Menu- Coming Soon!!